Take Action

There are several ways in which you can take action to help end the suffering of those who wish to see a new light. With information comes power, and the internet provides instant access to information. Before a resolution such as this will reach fruition, there must be adequate outcry from the world community. Here are a few ways in which you can help.

1) Email the link to this website to people you know indicating your support for this initiative.

2) If you have a blog, create posts regarding this initiative.

3) Send communications to your political representatives respectfully requesting that they take steps to affect this initiative.

4) Post comments in the ‘Blog’ section with links to articles pertaining to crimes against apostates. (Please bear in mind that posts should be respectful of all religions if this initiative is to maintain the appropriate level of legitimacy.)

5) Find and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and help promote the Facebook presence.

6) Check back for updates from time to time, in the event new calls for action become prudent.

7) Visit, join, and support our cause at Cause.com   http://www.causes.com/causes/616684-stop-human-rights-violations-against-apostates