Christianity is divided in to many denominations. The tenants between them are basically the same with most differences being dogmatic. Biblical texts regarding apostasy relate more toward giving in to sin and thus turning away from God – hence apostasy.

Today, no major Christian denomination calls for legal sanctions against those who apostasize, although some denominations do excommunicate (religiously) those who turn to other faiths, and some groups still practice shunning (Amish/Mennonite).

The most common penalty of Christian apostasy is varying degrees of disenfranchisement from family members. It is extremely rare for a Christian to be murdered for apostasy.

Attacks on converts to Christianity:

The news media in recent times is filled with instances of violence and murder against those who convert from Islam to Christianity, namely in Middle-Eastern countries, however, isolated cases exist in other parts of the world particularly among families who have migrated from the Middle-East to other parts of the world.