About Freedom of Apostasy.

Freedom of Apostasy (FoA) is setup to leverage the extraordinary power of the world-wide-web and the world community to improve human rights throughout the world.

The inalienable right to belief is a fundemental part of our humanity. When religious and political leaders engage in crimes against humanity as a method of population control, a persons belief system becomes stagnated and cannot flourish. Your freedom to research religious texts from any religion is given to you by the Creator, as is your freedom to choose which and whether or not you will adhere to the tenants of any particular religion. Let no man stand between you and the knowledge and wisdom that is your birthright.

While it is certainly true that crimes are committed against individuals based on their religion, the purpose of this initiative is distinctly applicable to those whom face inhumane treatment because of apostosy. In that in many areas, blasphemy laws relate to apostosy as religious based blasphemy are considered a form of apostosy, certain victims of blasphemy laws/actions may too be covered by this initiative. To be actionable by the U.N., crimes-against-humanity are those which are:

  1. Inflicted upon an individual by a government;
  2. Inflicted upon an individual by others but sanctioned by or ignored by a government;
  3. Laws passed by a governing body in opposition to UN defined Human Rights.
  4. Consideration should also be given to the absence of laws to protect apostates from being targets of brutality, such as is the case with honor killings.

As you seek information from these pages, imagine if you lived in a part of the world where doing so could result in severe, if not lethal, punishment for doing so. Imagine if expressing beliefs, that are not sanctioned by those who hold power over you, would result in unspeakable crimes to be committed against you and members of your family, or even by your family.

FoA is about the prevention of unspeakable crimes being committed against those who would chose a different belief system, or even simply to question a religious practice that seems at odds with basic and innate morality.